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This is no coincidence. Some of the larger trolling motors will require 36 volts and connecting together 3 x 12 volt batteries in Series. Connecting 2 or more 12 volt deep cycle batteries together need not be intimidating.
We can imagine replacing our three capacitors with just a single equivalent capacitor. Now, the real reason I had us go through this is because I wanted to show you something neat. On freshwater fishing boats the most common use for either a 24 or 36 volt battery system is to power a trolling motor. And we can plug in the voltage of the battery now because the voltage across a single charged-up capacitor is going to be the same as the voltage of the battery that charged it up. This means that for capacitors in series, the charge stored on every capacitor is going to be the same.

How to Hook Up a 24 Volt Trolling Motor

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So if you find the charge on one of the capacitors, you've found the charge on all of the capacitors. Solving for the charge, we get that the charge stored on this equivalent capacitor is 18 coulombs.
If you add up the voltages across the components in any single-loop circuit like this, the sum of the voltages is always going to equal the voltage of the battery. These voltages have to add up to the voltage of the battery. But that's easy now because the charge on each of the individual capacitors in series is going to be the same as the charge on the equivalent capacitor. We'll use the same process as before. Well, there's a trick we can use when dealing with situations like this. This time, let's say you had four capacitors hooked up in series to a volt battery.
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